Have An Innovative Solution for Healthcare Product Development? Get Involved in Our Crowdsourcing Challenges

Michael J. Keane, Search & Evaluation for New Categories/Category Adjacencies

When it comes to developing consumer healthcare products, some of the most creative solutions we’ve considered have come from the most unlikely of sources outside of GSK: the gaming industry, psychology experts, even specialists in exercise and fitness.

At GSK, we might never have connected with such creative problem-solvers if not for our crowdsourcing challenges. For those unfamiliar with this concept, crowdsourcing is a methodology whereby a large crowd is tapped into, usually via a Web-based platform, and asked to find solutions to problems. These are win-win opportunities for people from all sorts of industries and walks of life to help us solve particular challenges and, in certain cases, to reap financial and other rewards for themselves.

Our Typical Approach to Crowdsourcing Challenges

Every few months at GSK Consumer Healthcare, we tend to hit on a problem or question that makes us wonder if the solution is somewhere we haven’t thought to investigate. These searches are generally around some kind of product feature, manufacturing need, or supply-side challenges. We’ll do the usual internal brainstorming. We’ll tap into industry people we think might have a solution. And if it’s a specific question for which the answer could be industry agnostic, we turn to our crowdsourcing channels.

Sometimes, a crowdsourcing challenge is issued because we’re pressed for time on a particular need and want to find a smart solution quickly. (The more input, the better!) Other times, the challenge might be around a humanitarian effort for which we’re seeking new ideas, like 'How can we best serve families in a specific country through one of our GSK Save the Children partnership programs?'

GSK has created some wonderful partnerships that started with a crowdsourcing challenge that brought us together. During the rest of 2017, I anticipate that GSK Consumer Healthcare will be issuing even more crowdsourcing challenges, open to both our current network and to new vendors, suppliers, and innovative thinkers.

We issue some of these challenges through our partnerships with well-known crowdsourcing platforms. Additionally, since we are such a large company, we have the ability to reach out to our internal crowd using various software applications.

Connect with Us On Healthcare Product Development, Manufacturing, and Other Needs

Want to stay up to date on our upcoming crowdsourcing challenges? I invite you to check back for updates on our Current Needs page, as well as announcements we make of upcoming challenges.

I look forward to hearing from lots of new vendors and problem-solvers in the months ahead and to having some of you partner with us to help fulfill GSK’s mission to improve people’s lives with products and technologies that help them to do more, feel better and live longer.