Creating a top-selling healthcare product requires more than exceptional ingredients. What’s on the outside is just as important! This includes packaging materials, container format, delivery device, closure and overall shelf appeal. In fact, packaging elements are a key enabler of our GSK mission: to help people do more, feel better and live longer.


We actively seek innovative partners with packaging ideas and solutions that can help us deliver on this mission. And we welcome outside-of-the-box thinking when it comes to giving our consumers better experiences.


What kind of packaging could make a certain product easier to use, easier to dose, safer to store, or softer to squeeze? How can we creatively optimise packaging to make it more appealing and/or more cost beneficial?


We welcome your innovative packaging solutions related to any of our five key product areas: Pain Relief, Oral Health, Respiratory, Nutrition/Digestive Health and Skin Health.


2015 AmeriStar Award – Institute of Packaging Professionals

Drug & Pharmaceutical – Secondary Packaging

2015 STARPACK Gold Winner – The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining

Personal Care Products – Structural Packaging Design

2013-2014 GoldStar Design Award – The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design

Graphics/Packaging – Bottle and Easy-to-See Dosing Cup


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Recyclable Alternatives to Multi-Material Laminated Packaging Films

Laminated packaging films are familiar to us all. These are the flexible packs that wrap so many of our grocery products (from staple foods like rice and sugar through to chocolates and coffee packs).


Flexible films provide a multitude of benefits from being light weight, energy efficient and cost effective. To achieve these benefits, it is currently necessary to laminate various plastic layers together to deliver the overall physical strength, flat/glossy print surface, barrier properties as well as the ability to seal the pack hermetically. Once the product is consumed, the packaging material is now a mixture of various plastic materials that make easy recycling of the packaging difficult.


A potential solution is to consider a new material or a variation on existing materials that deliver the required performance characteristics but in a monolayer material that would be recyclable.


The physical requirements of the film would be:

  • Barrier properties of
    • <0.5g/m2/24hours for moisture vapour transmission
    • <10 cc/m2/24hours for Oxygen transmission
  • functional operation on standard form-fill-seal packaging equipment
  • allow for easy collection and be recycled through a currently available recycling process or a recycling system that could be developed

Novel Packaging Solutions – Pain Relief

We are interested in novel packaging solutions that are more efficient or easier for the consumer to use (eg, packages for the arthritic hands) or that are safer (eg, child-resistant).