Pain is a top reason for doctor visits worldwide. So we’re committed to offering reliable relief, including some of the world’s top-selling over-the-counter brands for topical and systemic analgesia. Through innovation, we seek to find new and better ways to help people make the most of their day.


Current Needs

for Innovations & New Product Development in Pain Relief

Temporal and Efficacy Aspects – PAIN RELIEF

The consumer in pain needs an analgesic solution that works quickly and effectively, so any formulation technologies that enable a quicker onset of pain relief or that extend the duration of relief are of interest to us. We are also interested in technologies that provide the same pain relief at a lower dose.

New or Improved Formats – PAIN RELIEF

Any solution that represents a benefit for the consumer in pain interests us. For example, what is the next soft gel thin film, or orally disintegrating tablet?

Posology – PAIN RELIEF

In general, the less onerous a dosing regimen is, the greater the probability of consumer compliance. As such, we are interested in technologies that provide similar pain relief with a more convenient regimen.





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