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GSK Consumer Healthcare is a science-led, global consumer healthcare company that researches and develops a broad range of innovative products. Our network is made up of a diverse range of external partners. We value these relationships and are actively looking to establish new ones.

Successful partnership efforts include science-backed ingredients and formulations, innovative designs rooted in consumer understanding and in many cases, proprietary solutions backed by intellectual property.

We invite you to explore our Current Needs as well as our broader Consumer Health Focus Areas to learn more. A one-size approach never fits all, so we can work with you to design creative and flexible partnering agreements. Our partners also have access to GSK resources and expertise.


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Current Needs


From birth through to old age, skin changes and adapts and is subject to numerous challenges. As such it requires the right maintenance to keep it healthy. Therefore we are looking for technologies at different life stages. And technologies that work naturally with skin to repair the barrier and makes skin less sensitive.


We are seeking collaborative development opportunities of novel technologies that are designed for sensitive skin. We would welcome new technologies that are designed for consumers with sensitive skin or collaborative relationships across academia, industry or SME that further enable the understanding of sensitive skin.


We are interested in connected devices which help consumers manage their Respiratory conditions.  Areas of interest broadly include diagnostics, medication compliance and symptom tracking for our Multi-symptom, Allergy, Decongestion and Smokers’ Health franchises.