We bring serious science to skin care, with rigorous testing to ensure that all our ingredients are safe and effective. Then we take it a step further, to make sure every skin health product we offer feels as good as it works. Through innovation, we’ve created over-the-counter brands that are family favourites and dermatologist-recommended. They treat cold sores, itchy skin, athlete’s foot and more.

Current Needs

in Skin Health


From birth through to old age, skin changes and adapts and is subject to numerous challenges. As such it requires the right maintenance to keep it healthy. Therefore we are looking for technologies at different life stages. And technologies that work naturally with skin to repair the barrier and makes skin less sensitive.

Lip Health Solutions

A cold sore outbreak causes small blisters or sores on or around the lips. With treatment cold sores typically heal within 2-3 weeks, but the herpes virus remains. This virus can then reactivating causing a reoccurrence of the sore. For consumer this can impact overall wellbeing and confidence.

As such, we would like to identify:

  • Faster, better solutions for cold sore management before, during and after the cold sore episode
  • Novel ways to mask the cold sore completely
  • Identify ways to enable consumers to treat the cold sore to prevent the blister phase
  • Clinically proven post-phase 2 technologies seeking partners for further development
  • Develop solutions for application compliance of the treatment, and enable better delivery of the active. This could be novel dispensing and application solutions (e.g. Packaging) and solutions that increase cues for compliance and dosing application

Anti-Fungal Technologies

There are many commercially available nail lacquers, creams and topical solutions that offer onychomycosis (nail fungus) treatments. The different products are based on different technologies; however, they all share a common downside: a prolonged and lengthy application regimen (often up to a year). This generally results in a poor overall resolution of the fungal infection.

Therefore, we are seeking anti-fungal treatment technologies that deliver faster, quicker better solutions for nail fungal infections. These solutions would be expected to deliver a step change versus the current market solutions across a number of areas (for example- consumer experience, active delivery and time to cure). Delivery mechanisms can be novel formats, actives and novel delivery systems and devices.




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