Our academic partnerships are highly valued

And our relationships are created to last long-term. By working together and exchanging expertise, we can all benefit–through enhanced R&D efforts and an accelerated path toward commercialising innovations that can improve health and wellness worldwide.

Our academic partners have access to GSK’s world-class facilities and capabilities in science, manufacturing and marketing. And we welcome inquiries and submissions related to a wide variety of projects that align with our focus areas from early-stage research to market-ready technology transfers.

Innovation in Action

Transform the Future of Self-Care Innovation Contest 

GSK Consumer Healthcare is on a mission to “Transform the Future of Self-Care” to enable consumers to do more, feel better and live longer. We are actively seeking to establish strategic partnerships with start-ups and entrepreneurs who are equally passionate about delivering against this mission.


To discuss how your research and innovations could fit in at GSK Consumer Healthcare, contact us.