Working with experienced industry partners offers a win-win

These partnerships allow both of us to meet our strategic goals by combining our complementary strengths, market niches and brand goodwill to drive improved sales and growth.

We work with a wide range of established companies of all sizes, including:

  • Smaller over-the-counter (OTC) brand owners interested in outlicensing portfolios or co-launching products.
  • Small- to mid-size regional companies looking to expand awareness and distribution of their OTC products.
  • Companies that develop unique formulations or ingredient combinations, interesting drug delivery systems, or packaging innovations that serve to complement our consumer health focus areas.
  • Companies interested in working with us on joint ventures or co-development projects, strategic alliances in research, trademark licensing and in- or out-licensing of research or intellectual property.

Innovation in Action


One of the more compelling aspects of scientific research is the unexpected avenues down which it can lead. The exploratory nature of science—testing hypotheses—means there is always the potential for unexpected results and happy accidents. In this way, serendipity has led to some of science’s more notable discoveries.


To discuss an innovation you're interested in partnering on with GSK Consumer Healthcare, contact us.