Entrepreneurship and innovation
often go hand in hand

We welcome the opportunity to help entrepreneurs and inventors bring consumer healthcare innovations to life and to market.

What makes a good idea for GSK Consumer Healthcare? We’re looking for innovations that are market-ready or near market-ready, not just the seed of an idea. A filed patent is a plus. Your innovation should have some basic proof-of-concept evidence to support the potential for success. And of course, some "wow" factor never hurts.

The checklist below can help you decide if your consumer healthcare innovation is ready to submit for our review.

Innovation in Action


One of the more compelling aspects of scientific research is the unexpected avenues down which it can lead. The exploratory nature of science—testing hypotheses—means there is always the potential for unexpected results and happy accidents. In this way, serendipity has led to some of science’s more notable discoveries.

Submission Checklist

  • Have you filed for patent protection for your idea?
  • Can you clearly explain the benefits of your innovation and its target market?
  • Is your innovation different or better than what is already on the market?
  • Have you done some basic safety, consumer, efficacy, or other testing of your innovation?
  • Do you have a non-confidential prototype, technical illustrations, or an information package to share?


To discuss how your innovation could fit in at GSK Consumer Healthcare, contact us.