You want your innovation to help more people do more, feel better and live longer and become a commercial success at the same time. That’s also what we want at GSK Consumer Healthcare. GSK capabilities can make it happen.


Global Sales
& Distribution

GSK has thousands of professionals who sell and distribute products in more than 100 countries, so we can expose your product to the maximum number of potential consumers. When appropriate, GSK will also educate healthcare professionals about your product, which can lead to recommendations.

Consumer Insights
& Marketing

GSK conducts thousands of market research studies each year around the globe, so we can identify the right consumers for your product, the most important benefits to emphasise and how best to communicate those benefits. GSK and its marketing agencies can surround your consumer with the right communication mediums— whether TV, print, digital, outdoor, public relations, coupons, etc.


GSK has hundreds of regulatory professionals around the world who know the best pathways to obtain regulatory approvals in each country. For example, GSK was the first and only company to secure approval of a first-in-class Rx-to-OTC switch in Europe via the Centralised Procedure.

R&D, Medical
& Clinical Capabilities

GSK will apply its deep R&D, Medical and Clinical expertise to your product, delivered by hundreds of veteran scientists and researchers. We’ll design the right study to deliver marketplace differentiation. For example, GSK conducted an eye care study that provided exclusivity protection for Flonase® Allergy Relief in the United States. And only GSK has access to the “beyond state of the art” GSK Human Performance Lab.

Product &
Package Design

With dozens of in-house designers and access to top design agencies, we’ll make sure your product works for the consumer and closes the sale at the retail shelf. And with insights gleaned from our new Shopper Science laboratories, our designers are better able to meet consumer needs.


Between GSK and its supply partners, we offer hundreds of options to produce your product at the lowest cost consistent with meeting our high-quality standards. Your product can benefit from significant economies of scale in purchasing and manufacturing based on GSK’s substantial volumes.

Capability for
Your Product
to “Live Forever”

GSK Consumer Healthcare currently has 14 brands that sell over $100 million in retail sales annually and in some cases, over $1 billion annually. These consumer product brands range from fairly new (OTC Flonase® Allergy Relief) to more than 160 years old (ENO). Your product could live forever! Learn more about How We Work With Partners.