GSK Consumer Healthcare
Meets Your Needs

Our first step is to understand your product in your own words. What are its benefits? What's special about it? What have you done already? Next, we talk about your goals. Do you want to sell your product outright? Do you want to licence it or start a joint venture? Do you want to handle it yourself in some markets and have GSK Consumer Healthcare handle it in others? Our goal is to meet your vision and goals to the best of our abilities.

A Responsive and
Collaborative Relationship

GSK is a big company, but our Consumer Healthcare Innovation Team is a small, close-working group. Our aim is to respond quickly to your questions, and our instinct is to collaborate and co-develop with you to make your product and give it the best possible opportunity for success in the marketplace. Our partners have access to the full range of GSK resources and expertise.

Our Team at GSK

When you partner with GSK Consumer Healthcare, we'll assign you a primary point of contact from our Consumer Healthcare Innovation Team who can best meet your needs. This group includes experts in science, marketing and business development. Our Innovation Team is a tightly organised group that makes decisions quickly and works flexibly to meet your needs. Each member is passionate about bringing your innovative ideas to life and to the world.


GSK Consumer Healthcare invests heavily each year in innovations we believe can make a real difference in consumers’ health. We put GSK funds directly into developing, testing and launching great ideas. And we offer a wide array of financial arrangements to compensate our partners, including research funding, equity investments, joint ventures, licensing, outright acquisitions and more.