We review every submission in a timely and transparent manner, taking extra steps to protect your intellectual property.


You'll receive an immediate confirmation that your submission has been received. A third-party validation team promptly reviews your information. If it meets basic requirements for non-confidentiality and relevance, your submission moves to the Consumer Healthcare Innovation Team.


Within one week, you'll receive a personal email about your submission's status. If it’s selected for a more in-depth review, a GSK Consumer Healthcare Innovation manager will contact you and work with you throughout the process. A non-disclosure agreement is usually executed. Then your project undergoes a full review by our extended team of experts within the appropriate category group.


The category team reviews your project for viability and strategic fit. If approved, your submission moves to a broader team for financial and commercial assessment. Along the way, your GSK Consumer Healthcare Innovation manager keeps you apprised of its status and may request more information.


If GSK Consumer Healthcare decides to pursue your idea, we connect with you to discuss a partnership agreement. If not, GSK may provide insights for shaping your project or invite you to submit other ideas.